When Pianos in Public Buffalo had half a dozen or so upright pianos in parks and public spaces around Western New York in summers past many young kids could not wait to touch and play them. All too often pianos have a sign on them that says “Do not touch!” Pianos in Public Buffalo didn't like that idea. The project was meant to encourage all types of people of all ages to enjoy playing the piano.

Have you considered signing your child up for piano lessons? It's the kind of thing that can enhance their entire life. It's not unusual, for example, to find people in their 80s and 90s playing pianos for enjoyment at senior homes. Ask and you'll discover they've been playing since they were a kid!

Why Piano Dennyse believes kids benefit from learning to play the piano in a number of ways. Not only does playing the piano improve hand-eye coordination (much like sports), but it also demands mental concentration, practice, patience, and goal-setting. With persistence, a youngster can decide they want to play a certain song and then work toward accomplishing that goal. Along the way, they learn about rhythm, melody, chords and notes. They also learn about reading and writing music which is kind of like learning a new language, right?

Did you know music and math are intertwined? Music involves patterns. There are fractions involved, too. And, of course, both short and long-term memory skills are put to use when playing the piano.

Furthermore, playing an instrument like the piano cultivates social skills. In the future, as they grow up, piano players will find they're the center of attention at parties and events where a piano is in the room. People can and will gather around to hear beautiful melodies and/or participate in sing-a-longs. Playing the piano can improve a person's self-esteem, boost their confidence, and give them a creative outlet.

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